Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Can You Guarantee Me My Bass??

The words from a regular customer who is then shocked by the response.

The amazing fact is many people are unaware that unlike a field dwelling cow or a sheep or a pig the fish they require for next weeks dinner party has not only NOT been caught yet, but may never be caught. It certainly isn't in a pool at the rear of the shop. Worst still it may have been caught, but it is not the size suggested in the new Jamie Oliver or Risk Stein manual. People just expect the product to be on a shelf like a visit to their local Sainsburys on a Sunday morning. So many factors affect the chance of obtaining that perfect dinner party fish. Weather, seasons and market price are the main problems which will then knock on to availability and then most importantly quality. Tip – talk to your fishmonger in advance before you decide your menu, be flexible, and if your fishmonger is ‘worth his salt’ your dinner party will be a success.

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