Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Apologies for the Silence

Many of you will know that I moved from London to Australia at the end of April this year. I left my lovely boys in Chelsea and moved 12000 miles across the world with my wife for, well, for some reason or another. Anyhow my situation has left me nothing really to blog about at this point in time. I hope soon to be back involved with fish in some capacity and then I can unveil the diversity of the Australian seafood phenomenon. Funnily enough I did have an interview today with one of Australia’s top seafood wholesalers, but true to form the interviewer never showed up. A re-schedule was requested for tomorrow, however I will be setting pots in the creek to catch mud crabs for dinner so I declined. Why interview someone with 20 years experience in fish and seafood? How could they offer anything to your business? More importantly if we catch some mud crabs I have a blog post to write.

Thanks for bearing with me and I will be back.

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  1. Hope the move went well, look forward to reading more when you resume the blogging again!