Saturday, 18 December 2010

Hi All,

Apologies for a lack of content recently but unfortunately my current job doesn't really offer me the correct information to blog about. I now work for Australia's largest seafood company and spend most of my time in supermarkets offering seafood specialist support to improve standards; Would actually make wonderful reading. Whilst in Australia I had hoped to spend a lot of time fishing, catching, preparing, cooking and blogging the outcome, however, Queensland is in its wettest and stormiest spell for 10 years so that has put pay to that. So all i had was the cricket, but that went pear shaped at the WACCA yesterday. Anyhow i will endeavor to find subject matter whilst i am here in Australia or alternatively when i return.

I have a twitter paper running daily which collects and publishes all the most recent news in the industry so it well worth a look.

The Fish & Seafood Daily

Mat :-)

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