Sunday, 13 December 2015

Maybe the Prettiest of the Ugly Offer

Controversial statement maybe but most under utilised or low value species are pretty drab. Yes drab not dab, however that species is a great example. Flounder, grey gurnard, coley, ‎dab, megrim, ling the list goes on. These guys are rarely seen on a fishmonger slab because they just don't sell and why? because they just don't look very attractive. But there is an attractive one. More common on Northern UK markets the Norway Haddock or red fish, one of the newest members of the fresh MSC family, is quite an eye catcher. Does they eat well? Not really. Will they change the face of menus or be the new favourite of Hugh or Jamie? Possibly the latter but never the former. So what do they have to offer? Well they are a lovely colour, go well in fish soups and some fisheries hav hav sustainable certification. M

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