Monday, 9 November 2009

Less Fish Higher Prices

The European Commission recently published it’s proposed changes for 2010 Total Allowable Catches based on best available scientific and catch data. As expected a number of fisheries have proposed reductions in total take by fisherman. The commonly known plight of Cod in certain areas continues with proposed 25% cuts in nearly all fishing grounds around the UK. The haddock fishing grounds off West Scotland have a massive proposed 54% cut. Among others the eastern English Channel may have a 15% reduction in Skate & Ray landings. The plaice fisheries of Western Ireland, the Bristol Channel and the eastern English Channel have proposed 15% cuts. The North Sea has further 15% cuts in Turbot and Brill catches. The good old sustainable Pollack fisheries of the whole west coast will be cut by 15%. Many Dover sole fisheries have be cut by between 7 and 31% with the eastern English Channel suffering most. Also many langoustine fisheries have been cut by around 10%. Interestingly no monkfish fisheries are cut and one has increased by 15% indicating good stock status.

So be prepared for increases in the price of your fish. The Scottish fisheries are hugely important to the British fish haul and with potentially huge reductions in landings the remaining ports will suffer increased pressure from the big wholesalers. All legally caught fish are auctioned and follow the simple rule of prices being affected by market availability and demand. Many of you would actually shudder if they new how much Cod costs at wholesale, especially as a notable percentage is trimmed off before re-sale. I am confident that the least return on any product sold by a fishmonger is the Cod so do expect it to rise in price in 2010. Additionally the haddock is a very important species to the Scottish Fleet so with the proposed 50%+ reductions huge pressure will be inflicted on the south west ports of England.

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  1. Well thats one good reason we should leave the EU. The Spanish trawlers are being allowed to INCREASE their CFP quotas from the channel and North sea!