Tuesday, 24 November 2009

London's reliance upon the South West

Ok, so we can’t get ANY fish at all as the winds keep blowing but when all is fine London and the South really does rely upon the South West fish markets. Recent figures published in the Fishing News show quite how large the landings are at Plymouth, Newlyn and Brixham and to my joy Newlyn leads the way. Well done boys and if you could just make your minds up regarding market modernisation you may just keep this title.

Port          *Demersal   **Pelagic      Shellfish          Total

Newlyn     £7,866,615    £436,488   £1,704,632    £10,007,735

Brixham    £5,093,629    £157,528   £3,833,638    £9,084,795

Plymouth  £1,991,377    £2,709,280 £2,088,775    £6,789,432

*   Ground fish such as soles, skates etc
** Midwater fish such as mackerel and sardines

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