Saturday, 21 November 2009

What 'Cod' the prize be?

Roll up roll up come and get your raffle tickets. Bottle of wine? Box of chocolates? Cuddly toy? Oh no in a strange twist of events The Marine and Fisheries Agency have decided to pop all the members of the under 10 metre vessels fleet into a hat for a draw with the prize being 18 tonnes of Eastern Channel Atlantic Cod. Of course small print is in place to be eligible but 36 of those lucky enough to be in the hat will be rewarded with a catch limit of 500kg of cod each to be caught between the dates 1st -31st December.
‘Before starting to fish for their 500kg of cod winners will have to receive an EU log book and permit letters'
How bizarre is all this? Why could anybody think the allocation of fish quotas in this day and age is dated when such games are used to decide people’s livelihoods? Not to forget the sleepless nights poor Charles Clover will have when he finds out “his fish” are been given as a prize in a raffle!!

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